Nice Robot for sale! Comments

In my bio I mention that I got involved in the motion picture special effects area of motion control for a while. What I built was a large Cartesian (XYZ) robot that could fly a camera around a 9×14 foot area. When I moved into the Spot last year I decided not to bring theĀ  system with me. I hadn’t shot with it for a while and it was time to move on from that phase of geek insanity. So I’m selling it.

If you know anyone who is interested, or you just want to take a look, visit the website I’ve put up. There are lots of photos, specs, drawings and some videos. This rig would be perfect for someone doing industrial plasma cutting or welding, or an artist doing intricate work in metal, wood, or anything else you can cut through.

UPDATE: The robot was sold to a special effects house in Chicago.