Shooting Panoramas

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Shooting Panoramas

2-1/2 hours
Maximum number of students: 20

*Early Registration: $50/person (up to 7 days before class date)
Regular Registration: $60/person

Panoramas are those wide format images you’ve admired that seem to invite you right into the photograph. They are easy to produce using any digital camera and today’s amazing software tools.

Because several images are being seamlessly stitched together, even panoramas made with a compact digital camera or smart phone can often be printed at large and dramatic sizes. It doesn’t require specialized hardware and the results are impressive and satisfying.

This class is for all types of cameras, including DSLRs, pocket cameras and smartphones. Through a combination of live demonstrations and existing panoramic work, you will learn:

  • How to select good scenes and subjects for panoramas
  • Which lenses are best for different situations
  • How to shoot the series of photos
  • The difference and benefits of single row vs multi row
  • Camera settings for best results
  • Tips for shooting handheld panoramas
  • When to use a tripod
  • What is “no parallax point”, how do you find it and do you have to worry about it?
  • When to consider specialized equipment and the options available
  • What software is available for processing, both free and paid options
  • Printing and displaying your panoramic images

What you’ll need: A camera is optional so you can try some of the basic techniques for getting a good set of images to be stitched together later on. We’ll do a couple of simple exercises for camera handling. And do bring something to take notes with!

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