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Introduction to Studio Lighting - Full Day Workshop

Full day workshop
*Early Registration: $215/person (up to 7 days before class date)
Regular Registration: $235/person

9am to 4pm with a one hour lunch break on your own.
Maximum number of students is 12, minimum needed to make a workshop is 6

Are you interested in shooting in the studio, either your own or someone else’s? Are you curious about working with strobes or ramping up to start a portrait or wedding business? Whether you already own your own gear or are just thinking about buying or renting, attending this hands on workshop will teach you what you need to start making great photos for you to enjoy or sell to clients.

This is a thorough introduction to studio lighting. You will learn how the size, shape, color, quality, angle and distance of the light affect the subject, background and mood of the photo. These techniques apply to many types of lighting, but this class will use studio strobes. We will also look at using smaller speedlights like the Nikon SB series or Canon EX series instead of traditional studio strobes.

The instructor, Peter Poulides, will work with a live model, shooting with the camera tethered to a computer and projector so the class can follow along with the demos. The photos will be imported into Lightroom for viewing and comparison. Students will be invited to shoot many of the setups with their own cameras so they can study the photos later on for clues as to what worked and what didn’t.

You should already have a working knowledge of your camera settings including exposure modes, shutter speed and f-stops. To participate in shooting photos with your own camera it must have a hot shoe or PC sync connection. If you have a Sony camera, you may need the hot shoe adapter accessory.

The workshop size is kept to 12 people to allow time for interaction and questions.

Some of the equipment and techniques you’ll learn about:

  • Bare head with reflector
  • Monolights, studio pack and head configurations, camera speedlights
  • Umbrella, reflected and shoot through
  • Soft boxes
  • Reflecting light off of ceilings, walls and floors to create big, soft sources
  • Snoots, grids and foil
  • Color gels and white balance
  • Using reflectors, flags, scrims and cutters
  • Choosing equipment based on budget and need
  • Some ideas for DIY lighting gear and accessories
  • Stands, bags and booms
  • When and how to use a flash meter
  • Mixing strobe and ambient light
  • Working with backgrounds

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