About Spot Studio:

The building itself was completed in 1986 and was designed, from the outset, as a shared space for photographers. Spot Studio, Inc. was established in 1997 and operated the facility for several years as a rental studio geared toward TV and Film production, with a specialty in food styling. In the last few years it has become home again to still photographers and was recently remodeled and updated. It is widely considered a great place to shoot for both photographers and their clients.

About Peter Poulides: (Publication samples and tearsheets for Peter Poulides here)

I am a first generation Greek-American of immigrant parents. I was lucky enough to spend several years in Athens attending an international high school, largely immersed in learning photography and often wrist-deep in darkroom chemicals. I learned by devouring every magazine and book I could find that discussed or featured photography – and by shooting a lot. I was fortunate to have a mentor early on who recognized my enthusiasm and helped me learn the basics.

My degree is in TV & film production, with a minor in graphics and printing. I worked as an educational video producer for four years while starting to shoot stills professionally and building my portfolio. In 1980 I left the world of salaried employment and started making my way as a “full time” freelancer. I specialized in travel and editorial photography for the next dozen years or so, shooting for Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Business Week, Time, Fortune, Newsweek, The Dallas Morning News, WGBH and others. I also shot commercial and industrial work for small and large companies including Texaco, CompUSA, AMEX and Fluor. When my first child was born in 1992, I wanted to be closer to home so I backed off the location work, leased some studio space and started shooting indoors.

In the mid 90s I got heavily involved in the stock photo business, shooting for Tony Stone Worldwide, which later became part of Getty Images. My images are licensed under my name, as well as under the collaboration Chronis Jons . A few years later I teamed up with a fellow film major who had gone on to become a commercial film director. We first started shooting stills together under the name Steven Peters. That partnership took us into the world of motion picture stock footage and, later, into the awesomely geeky world of computerized motion control and time-lapse photography. Our footage work is represented by Image Bank Film / Getty Images.

As a child, I inherited the urge to explore other places and have since traveled widely. For years I lugged quantities of film guaranteed to get me into trouble with security and customs officials around the world. More recently I’ve been packing the sometimes comical collection of chargers, adapters, hard drives and cables necessary to support the digital habit.

I taught formal photography courses in my early days as a shooter and more recently have taught school workshops. I’ve always loved to teach others what I can about the art and craft of photography. I’m still shooting for clients but am looking forward to leading more classes and workshops.

You can view more of my work at www.poulides.com. I look forward to seeing you at the studio.