Photography Classes in Dallas

This is The Spot for photography classes in Dallas and you are invited to select a class or photo workshop to match your interest and skill level. Photography is about seeing, about creating beautiful and interesting images that you can appreciate for yourself and enjoy showing to others. The aim of each class is to enable you to take better photographs, to create more images you can be proud of.

Which class is best for you? Look for tips on the FAQ page. For an overview of all upcoming classes, check the CALENDAR. For comments from past clients try the reviews page.

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  • NEW FOURTH CLASS ADDED! DSLR-1, DSLR-2, DSLR-3 & DSLR-4: These classes start at the beginning and progress through all the major controls, settings and concepts you’ll need to use your camera to consistently take great photos.Sponsored by Competitive Cameras.
  • ADOBE LIGHTROOM 101, 102, 103 and 104: Coming again in January A thorough overview of the Lightroom software. If you’re getting a little more serious about your photography you should consider Lightroom. Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been using Lightroom for a while, these classes will help you use the software more effectively.
  • TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: Travel photography gives you a chance to share your experiences and to interpret the world in your own unique way. We’ll look at topics ranging from the technical challenges of gear, packing and data backup to the creative and cultural aspects of shooting people, landscapes and details.
  • SHOOTING PANORAMAS: Creating beautiful panoramic images is among the most fun and satisfying techniques in digital photography. Learn to make these immersive, high resolution images with any digital camera.


  • BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE DSLR – FULL DAY WORKSHOPS: Next workshop will be in January These workshops are limited to 12 students and are more hands-on that the evening DSLR classes. We will spend the day together with plenty of time for questions and help. We will also shoot with a live model and review everyone’s work.
  • TONY CORBELL LOCATION LIGHTING WORKSHOP: RESCHEDULED FOR JAN/FEB Tony Corbell is a nationally known photographer and educator whose tutorials appear on Kelby Training, Creative Live and PPA websites. He’ll be teaching a series of workshop in the fall.
  • LIGHTROOM SHOOT & EDIT – FULL DAY WORKSHOP: This is half photo workshop/half Lightroom workshop. We will meet on location and spend the morning shooting photos together. Then we head to the studio for an afternoon of Lightroom tips, editing your own photos and a group slide show.
  • NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITS – FULL DAY WORKSHOP: This portrait workshop is for any photographer wanting to learn to capture stunning portraits of people of any age. You’ll learn how to take your basic DSLR skills and apply them to create beautiful and stylish natural light images.
  • INTRODUCTION TO DSLR VIDEO – FULL DAY WORKSHOP: Whether you’re an amateur photographer wanting to make memorable family videos or a professional still shooter looking to offer video services to your clients, you’ll come away with new knowledge, skills and an appreciation for what video can do..


  • ONE-ON-ONE AND SMALL GROUPS: We will work on exactly the techniques, equipment or issues you have with your photography. This is for beginners who are just starting out as well as for budding professionals who need help with certain aspects of their business. Times are flexible and ideal for those who can’t fit the classes or workshops into their schedule.

For answers to common questions, visit the FAQ page